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Friday, May 23, 2014


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From: Mohaser Hasandol <>
Date: Thu, May 22, 2014 at 8:53 AM


I am Mr. Mohamed Hassan formal chartered auditor with UNITED BANK OF AFRICA of Burkina Faso Ouagadougou West Africa. Am write you for unusual deal value of $5.5M (Five Million Five hundred thousand dollars), In my department Ministers, leaders politicians do steal national/government money and transfer it out of the country secretly to abroad and this has been happen for many years now until Africa Union detect it and put stop to this illegal act. After the detective of Africa Union on this illegal act, Africa Union authorities has lay down law that no amount beyond $1M should be send out from Africa through TELEGRAPHIC WIRE TRANSFER.

During these period I have manage to switch $5.5M (Five Million Five hundred thousand dollars) into unknown account with my bank and now I need your help so that I can get this money out of my country secretly to a foreign land this is reason I am contacting you. Secretly, the only medium to transfer any amount that is more than $1M is through ATM-VISA CARD TRANSFER, I have been functioning with the above office for many years and please do not be surprise about my letter because I know that it will seem so disclosure to you because we have never met before.

In this regard your full co-operation in order to achieve the success of this project is what I need and be informed that UNITED BANK OF AFRICA management is ready to approve this payment to whoever that has correct information to this very account of which I will relate to you later on, know that all the arrangement for maturity of this project has been made by me in strict confidence and according to my instruction it will not be difficult for us to get this project done, all what i need from you is trust and reliability because I know that with good co-operation we shall have good successfully.

Be assured that you stand no risk of any kind of fear now or in future, therefore after the final stage of operation, I agree to offer you a reasonable amount of the total sum of 50% and 50% for me. Please can you assure me that after the confirmation of the fund into your possession in your country the fund will be intact until my arrival in your country for sharing of the fund according to the ratio. On your confirmation of this message and indicating your interest, I will direct you to appropriate office of UNITED BANK OF AFRICA. Please I need the below following data so that I can program your name on our bank system secretly as the true owner of the fund before you apply to bank openly for the claiming of the fund.    

(1) Your Full name ................,
(2) Your country ..................,
(3) Your Telephone ................,
(4) Your Occupation ...............,
(5) Your Status  ...................,
(6) Your Age......................,
(7) Your photo ....................,

Once again, please do not be surprise about my letter because I know that it will seem so disclosure to you because we have never met before.  Looking forward to your urgent response and thanks for your co-operation.

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Best Regards,
Mr. Mohamed Hassan.

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