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Sunday, December 28, 2014


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From: Elisa Westwood <>
Date: Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 10:57 PM

 Dear Friend,
Am Captain Elisa Westwood, a 37years old female from UNITED STATES
currently working in the information operation unit with the american
army  here  in CAMP PHOENIX KABUL.
About 2 years ago, i,my colleagues and some of the afghan business men
were involved in an oil transaction that proffited 50million$ of which
my own share of the deal is 5million$.
The 5million$ is well packaged inside a safe trunk box and the box is
kept with a security company  here in kabul under the labell 'FAMILY
TREASSURE' and awaiting my directive  to be shipped to anywhere in the
world that i want and to anybody.
I am curently in active service here in Afghanistan and its impossible
for me to move the funds out of here.
I contacted you because  i am  in need  of a trustworthy  and loyal
partner who can  help me receive  and secure the funds till the
completion of my service in afghanistan
 I would appecaite if you can assist me with this transaction and  you
shall get 5% of the 5million$ for your assistance in this transaction.
This is a very sensitive issue and i would plead with you to keep this
transaction very confidential.
If you are capable and interested in assisting me please  reply me
back via my email so that i can give you
more  details about how you shall receive  and secure the funds in
your country
 I want to assure you that this is an 100% non risky transaction  so
you have nothing to be worried about..
NB; please reply via my email  if you are
interested in assisting me.
 Your reply will  be anticipated


CPT Elisa Westwood

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