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Sunday, December 28, 2014


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From: Presidency Hotel <>
Date: Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 11:42 PM

PRESIDENCY HOTEL 1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury,
London, WC1B 5BE, UK
Website: -
Tel: +44 793-744-2122

This is a great opportune moment for an exotic candidate (Outside United-Kingdom) who wishes to work here in the United-Kingdom in different skills such as Primary Skill Labour (PSL), Secondary Skill Labour (SSL) and Semi Skill Labour (SSL2) under the management of our company. Our hotel is eagerly looking for successful candidates to occupy the vacant position in the PRESIDENCY HOTEL Russell Square United- Kingdom. Copy the link bellow to know A World of 

We have just completed 5 Hotels within Europe and we are hiring workers of different continent, religion, tradition, ascent and culture so that our worldwide customers will feel at home while abroad

VACANT POSITIONAccount Department,Chefs,cleaner,Drivers,Computer Operators, Reservation Desk, Sales in the Bar, Medical Attendant, Security manager, Computer Engineer, Receptionist, Administrator Manager, sales Executive, Entertainers, Waiter, IT Consultant, Front Office, Web Developer/Maintenance

CONDITION OF SERVICE*[1] Your age must be 18 years and upward.
[2]Generally your education must be MINIMUM OF secondary education.
[3] Must be reliable and trustworthy.
[4] Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Hotel.
[5] Must have international passport

Those seeking for higher position such as Human Resource Manager, Assistant Manager E.g. must have obtained qualification and working experiences which could be relevant to the position being Sort for,
Fresher's can also apply.

APPLICANTS BENEFIT(1) Our Management will care for your air ticket from your country to London, United Kingdom.
(2) Our Management will care for your accommodations and feeding
(3) Our Management will link you up with consular in your country for getting UK visa and all documents

If you are interested, send your CV/Resume to: Email:
Human Res. Dev. Manager
Mr Ramond Scott


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