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Saturday, December 6, 2014


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: George Wilkinson <>
Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 12:19 PM

Dear friend,
I have a profitable business for you: Our Company is in search of particular animal dietary product and this chemical is only produced in your country. I contacted you regarding our company urgent need for a supplier of this dietary product from your country. These are locally preserved for medicinal purposes. Our company makes most of our day to day use of this locally preserved product.
These product are sourced and sold in your country at the rate of $11,200 US dollars per gallon while our company buys at the rate of $24,999 US dollars per one gallon from our deceased former supplier (DECEASED MIDDLE MAN) in each gallon contains 5 litres.

After the sudden death of the former supplier (middle man) my director is very much in-need of another supplier of this product. Meanwhile nobody in the company knows the source of these materials except me. I kept this information to myself due to my personal interest in this business opportunity.
I intend to establish a mutual business relationship with a company or an individual whom I can trust to buy this product and sale to my director as (middle man). This person will purchase from the local seller in your country at low rate and supply directly to our company at a high rate then we will share the profit.

You and I can explore this business opportunity since my director is not aware of the source and original selling price. If you can buy this product from the local seller and supply to my director, I will give you the contact detail of the local dealer in your country and also give you the contact of my director as well and also I would like to know how we will be sharing the profits that you will be earning from my director. If the percentage you offer is good by me, I will proceed to give you the contact of the local dealer in your country and that of our company in Aberdeen Scotland so that our company can buy directly from you. No risk or credits is involved.
This will be a long term business relationship that will not affect your present occupation.

If you are interested please reply to my personal email address:
On receipt of your positive response, I will give you more information. Hope to read from you soon.
George Wilkinson

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