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Saturday, February 21, 2015


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From: Shah Nitin Jasvant <>
Date: Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 3:59 PM

Dear Sir/Ma

How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and your family. Have send several mail to you but you keep on ignoring my mail. I reconise your address that you are from India that is why am requesting some help from you has an India citizen. I don’t need your money for anything what I need is your absolute sincerity and trust.

I'm Mrs. Shah Shruti Nitin from India 52 years old I'm operating a small restaurant in UK that is bringing profitable income. The reason why am sending this mail you is that i really need your help in India due to my absence, I'm right now at the hospital for my last medical check up, But i just heard a sad News from my Doctor that I will not last for two months due to Colon Cancer, I was told by the Doctor not to make any travel plan to India for now so that am going to be under treatment at the hospital. I have dream about this sad News last night and this come to the same Reality the next day. God keep reminding me in my dream that until i fulfill my promise before i have rest of mind. I have make Vow at the temple which i ask God for something important and God gave it to me and i have promise to donate the sum of $500,000 to the Charity  humanity and the less privileged some years back before i left India which i never fulfill the Vow and this have been trouble my mind day by da
 y. This will be a punishment for me in heaven if i refuse to fulfill my Vow.

Please i want to fulfill my Vow to God, if God can use that avenue to keep my life. I can't contact any of my family and relative or friends for this just because they will never believe or take me serious if i ask them to do this help till the day i promise to God. They will be confuse if something wrong is not going on with me has normal person will surly think. Please i want to put this donation in your care so you can handle it for me due to the trust i have on you. The only thing i need from you is just truth and honest to do it complete without deducting any single amount from the Vow. I know God will surly keep my life with more years on this earth if truly you do it complete, I'm having trust on you just because i have smell the kind of person you her through your word and am so sure that your face are not attracted with the things of the world that is why am putting all my faith on you.

You don't need to stress yourself for this donation, all you need to do is just to look for any Organization around you that are helping the poor people to make this donation. You can look for like 4 or 5 Organization then you distribute the fund among them.

I have $5.5million Dollars with Payment center Social Security Company in UK where i use to kept my money because has a foreigner in UK i can't keep this huge amount of money at the bank. So i was planning in Sending this fund to India on time because we never can tell if am going to be alive or not after 2 months, but i need to start making plan now just to be sure my 2 kids are okay even if am not alive. I have contact the PCSSC that i will need the sum of $600,000 out of my fund with them  and I have invite them to my hospital while they have see the situation am going through with the physical eyes. while i have explain to them the reason i need this fund because they are trying to know the reason why i want to redraw this fund has a matter of urgent.

Please i want you to help me on time with this donation immediately you received the fund because they will be coming to deliver to you in cash or through bank transfer all depend on how you want this fund to be send to you. Once i received your details i will forward to my Security Company while they will come back to me at the hospital so i can sign before coming for delivery or transferring the fund. I don’t need anything from you but all i need is your absolute sincerity and trust.

Please help me out and i promise I won't cause you any financial problem. I will be offering you with some amount free for helping me. So the total amount you will received from the Security company is $600,000. Dollars. Once you have received the fund, you will donate $500,000 than i will explain to you what to do with the rest $100,000 Dollars but i will tell you how much to deduct for yourself once you have gotten the money. So pls let me know if you are in position to help.  So if you are okay please provide me with the following information so i can forward to the Security Company.

1....Your full name ,
2....Your full address
Zip Code:
3....Your phone number (Mobile, Office, Land-line)

The doctor has just confirmed to me that I will be going for my cancer surgery operation in the next 3days which I cannot predict what might be the outcome. I only want you to follow my instructions properly as I instructed you to do. Once they have come to deliver this consignment to you, i will personally invite you to UK so you can meet me and my 2 kids. and we can as well discuss this better one 1 on 1 talk.

Moreover, I'm giving you 100% assurance that this transaction is risk free which you won't involve in any problem has i will provide you all the documents for the source of the fund in my next mail so you can be rest assurance that the fund is coming in a legit way because i have proof of the fund..

Kindly get back to me with this requested information so that i can proceed in sending to you asap

bye for now..

Thanks and waiting to read from you soonest. Please always remember to check your mail time to time because you will always get in touch to me through mail if i have any urgent information i need to pass across to you has am not allow to use phone till the Operation is done.

Waiting for your urgent mail with the information if truly you are ready to be honest to me.

Best Regards
Mrs Shah Shruti Nitin

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