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Friday, February 20, 2015

***You Have Won 675,829***

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From: Sandy Baker <>
Date: Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 1:26 PM
Subject: ***You Have Won 675,829***

This is to formally notify you that you have won in the Powerball End of Year Promo held on 10 December 2014.
Twenty (20) lucky winners are randomly selected from a global database of over 1 million users including you! As one of our winners, you are entitled to a total payout of GB 675,829.00 only.
Please note your processing details below:
Ref No: PWB/2014/DEC/9750
Batch No: PWB/25928
Serial No: 88582
Complete the attached verification form and return to your claims officer below to begin all processes:
Peter Wilson
Tel: (+44) 871 915 7509
Fax: (+44) 844 772 3971
Please ensure to keep this information confidential until all processes have been completed. Please also provide your current and alternative email address.
NOTE: You must be aged above 18 to claim. All claims must be processed by  11 January 2015. After this date, if unclaimed, it will be considered as FORFEITED.
Sandy Baker
On behalf of Powerball International

©2014 GSI Lotteries. All rights reserved Page 1 of 3
GSI Lotteries
Verification & Claims Release Form
Please read these instructions carefully
1. This application is for the verification and transfer of your winnings. All information given must be correct. Any changes in status should be reported to our office for rectification immediately.
2. Complete this form in black or blue ink BLOCK capitals and return by email or fax.
Data Protection: The personal data collected here will be used for identification and verification purposes only. Please note that this information would be kept highly secure and confidential.
1. Winning Information:
Reference Number:
Batch Number: Serial Number:
2. Beneficiary Information:
Title: Dr Mr Mrs Miss Ms
Full Name(s):
(These names must be the same as the names on your passport/National Identity Card)
Home Address:
Tel/Fax Number: Mobile:
Email Address:
Date of Birth: Sex:
Place of Birth: Nationality:
Marital Status:
Name & Address of Next of Kin:
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3. Funds Remittance Option (please tick preferred option):
Our payment process involves your making a choice from the under listed options of remittance:
Direct Cash Pickup: Personally collect your winnings directly from our Payment Centre in the UK.
Wire Transfer*: Have your prize money transferred to any designated bank account of your choice from your online account.
4. Documents Checklist:
I have attached a copy of my Identification (Driver’s license/ International passport/National Identity Card)
I have attached a Proof of Residence (Utility bill or Bank statement)
1. I certify that the information provided on this Form is complete, true and accurate.
2. I understand that the personal data on this Form is collected for the purposes of identification and verification purposes only, and I consent for this data to be processed and stored for the purpose of such administration.
Signature: Date:
The disbursement of your winnings complies with the Anti-Fraud Section 2, Sub-Section (IV) of the procedural manual of the funds disbursement agreement existing between Lottery companies and International Monetary rules and regulations.
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DO NOT WRITE BELOW - For Official use only
Approval: YES NO
Authorizing Signature: Date:

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