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Friday, October 9, 2015

Reserve Bank of india Transfer Department New Delhi and Covertion

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "The Reserve Bank of india Transfer Department New Delhi" <>
Date: Sep 25, 2015 5:32 PM
Subject: Reserve Bank of india Transfer Department New Delhi and Covertion

Office: Reserve Bank Of India,
Transfer Department,
New Delhi – 110 088


Dear Confirmed Fund Owner;

The Indian Government Authority has instructed us to carry out the crediting process of your won amount from the UK Lottery/Award/ Promotion Organizations which you were given notifications either by Samsung; Coca Cola or BBC.
The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi had a meeting with the RBI Governor and some other Senior finance officials. The meeting was held to set Goals for Next 20 Years to remove India's Poverty and offering benefits to the poor who were discussed publicly; as other reason for the meeting was confidential; as it was tagged personal discussion on behalf of the subject matter which is consigning your won prize of Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling.
However; there was as panel discussion between them, before the Confidential discussion Regarding to this unclaimed fund which have been due for crediting, RBI Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan was instructed to make sure that your winning amount of 500,000GBP to be release to you the beneficiary stating that it’s an unfair practice to withhold funds in government basket for one reason or the other or for tax accumulations and custom services. Therefore, we are writing this notice to inform you that (£500,000.00GBP) will be released to you, as it was recommended by (RBI) Governor that the Beneficiary is required to pay an Insurance Fee of Rs. 13,300 Only, for the Insurance approval of your fund to be transferred to your personal bank account with immediate effect.
 Please take note of this that without the Insurance fee amount mentioned above being for the approval of your fund in your personal Name with the Life Insurance of India and without the registration of your Name with the Insurance for them to permit us the RBI to transfer your fund to your bank account note we have given out a mandate (5 working days) to claim this fund and after the due date your fund will be returned to the Government account as unclaimed You are to reconfirm your full details to our foreign exchange transfer dept. Email:
To proceed in the legit process of receiving your winning amount; you have to fill the transfer form below and submit it alongside with the payment bank slip of your Insurance Approval Fee.
First Name: ……… Last Name: ………… Mobile Number: ………. Email Address: ………Date of Birth: …… Nationality: ………Residential Address: ……………. State and Country: …………….. Current Location: …………..Current Occupation: …………. Current Designation in your office: …………….. Bank Name and Bank Address: …………. Bank Account Holder Name: ……… Bank Account Holder Name: ……… Bank Account Holder Name: ……… Bank Account Number: ………. Account Type (Savings/Current/Joint): …............
After filling the approval processing form you have to contact Mr. Alex Richard +919599475378 for details on how to send the required fee of Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Rupees only. He will send you the valid account for payment.
NOTE:  the Insurance approval fee (Rs.13, 300 INR) Cannot be deducted from your winning prize amount; because it has not been Cleared; and it’s also covered by the British Government Security Policy with Insurance to reach into your account in full value.
Do not miss such a life time opportunity.

      P.K. Raut (GM)                                                                                                                                                              General Manager (HRMD).

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