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Friday, December 18, 2015

Position available , (309159266619)

From: John Mclean <>
Sent: Thursday, 3 December 2015, 21:42
Subject: Position available , (309159266619)

Good day.

We would like you to review the job offer located below. Product Forwarding Worldwide company�has recently reviewed the curriculum vitae that you placed online and would like to offer you a position as a delivery clerk department member.

Product Forwarding Worldwide company was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of couple commercial postal services in Lithuania. Our current business sphere operates with many European customers to execute the ordering, purchase and transfer of merchandise purchased directly from the United States market to their door. Our company approach by default aims the retail market.

The duties of your position are offered strictly for residents of the United States. As a delivery employee your duties will include: following, getting, combining, accumulating and sending merchandise purchased from big United States online stores to Europe to the corporate branches and secondary office locations. The vacancy does not require visiting any type of office work locations and can be primarily performed from your home and the closest post office. Our company gives all the required equipment and detailed directions for executing the job, a clear work agreement (with other documents) and many bonuses. We ask for no start up costs from our employees. Merchandise that our customers buy are generally popular electronics such as Apple gadgets, various laptops and similar electronics, so there is nothing big or bulky being shipped (and no need for a big storage place). We give a $1,800 monthly stable and base wage with an extra bonus provided for each task done on time. There is a very good chance of higher salary and growing careers for our most reliable workers.

Our requirements:
- Eighteen years minimum age
- Owning a working street address
- Being able to surf comfortably on the  internet and with a printer
- Having a working telephone number (and possible chance to add extensions or additional numbers)

Product Forwarding Worldwide company is glad to show you this official invitation message. We certainly avoid any attachments or links to maintain web security at the the best point.

In the event you are interested, please let us know about it via email.

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