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Friday, May 6, 2016

Your First Payment of US$5000.00. MTCN= 7298423178

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr.Steven Wigan <>
Date: Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 3:02 AM
Subject: Your First Payment of US$5000.00. MTCN= 7298423178

Following the resolution by World Leaders to ensure speedy processing
and instant release and payment of all dormant and unpaid funds as a
means of injecting liquidity into the World financial system to boost
the World economy, the Western Union wishes to inform you that a long
overdue payment in your name totaling US$1.800.000 (One Million Eight
hundred thousands Dollars) has been sent to you for your compensation
from World Bank Group

In respect to the western union representatives meeting With the
members of the executive's council, European Union Monetary Fund, IMF
-- International Monetary Fund, United Nations International
Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Financial Watch Dog
Surveillance and World Bank board of trustee members.

Your fund is available for pick up/cashing which was deposited for
transfer to you by one Dr.Holly Waldon from World Bank Group Benin The
money is available for pick up by receiver (you) if you check on our
website but you can not cash it due to its restriction from our head
office for security reason because it has stayed over the programmed
time as we have been trying to reach you for some days now but it has
not been fruitful. Hence, the transaction was blocked for security
reason to prevent hackers from having access to it. Irrespective of
the fact that it displays available for pick up when you track it, a
clause was placed on it for security reasons until we are sure you are

Therefore you can not cash it in any of our office due to the
restriction from our head office which was a security measure because
the money have been on air for Two weeks now and maybe at risk. Hence,
the MTCN has to be reactivated to enable you start cashing your fund
from any western union office in your city, vicinity, state. etc. The
reactivation of the MTCN will cost you a token of $114.00. Western
Union transferred charges, once this is paid, our head office would
release the fund on hold so you can start cashing your fund. To
confirm this, please log on to

( )
and enter the sender's info and MTCN below and click check status to
see the availability of the transfer.

Sender's Fist name: Holly
Sender's Last Name: Waldon
MTCN: 7298423178
Question: Who Is Great
Answer: God
Amount: $5000.00USD Daily
Total Amount To be cashed: $1.800.000usd
Track it with our website: or you
can call this number to confrim the payment of the MTCN Tel:

With due respect please get back to me urgently after tracking the
transaction online so I can instruct you on how to send the $114
Transferred and on hold charges to us for the reactivation of the MTCN
why you send us two names for receiving of the cash through western
union payment to you. Bear in mind that daily transferring of the cash
is US$5000.00.

Please re-confirm the following.

(1)your full name=============
(2)mobile phone number======
(3)current home address========
(4)fax number================
(6)city =====================
(7)a copy of your i d for identification.

Best Regards
Barr Dan Koffi.
Cotonou, Republic Du Benin
Western Union® Money Transfer

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