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Sunday, March 26, 2017


On Feb 15, 2017 12:11 PM, "SAMSUNG COMPANY" <> wrote:


Company: Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd
Address: Samsung House 1000, Hills wood Drive
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PS. 
FOR INQUIRY CALL: Tel :+447706388348
Career Opportunities
My Ref No:- SAM/625/003/2017-11
Serial No:- UK/GBP07/SAMSUNG
Batch No:- DNO/MA07/EUR

             !!!Congratulations From Samsung Galaxy Company!!!

You are welcome to the SAMSUNG COMPANY International Promotion; we have received your email regarding your claims requirement, and it was acknowledged. Note. This continental draw was drawn from three continents, UK, EUROPE, and ASIA. And your Mobile Number happens to be the lucky Number that won the Jackpot of this year edition 2017.

As the claims officer of the SAMSUNG Company International Promotion, I personally congratulate you as the winner from Asia. This email is to certify that you have been officially verified and cleared for the delivery of your winning prize by Bank Draft ordered by the CLAIMS PROCESSING DEPARTMENT, of the SAMSUNG COMPANY International Promotion, and your winning Certified Bank Draft was issued by the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND of London SAMSUNG COMPANY Payment Account, United Kingdom.

Congratulations!!! This email is to inform you that your winning Certified Bank Draft together with all documents that will facilitate the delivery and transfer of your winnings has been parceled to be delivered to you at your country India on (16-02-2017).

You are required to pay for the custom clearance and registration charges of your parcel on arriving at the airport, because your parcel is an international parcel coming from United Kingdom and it contains a hard covered insurance policy, so you Endeavor to follow the instructions of the custom through our agent, to enable him to deliver your parcel to you and also to make sure your winning Bank Draft is transferred into your nominated bank account when he meets with you in your city.
  As soon as our agent 'MARK PHILIP' arrives India he will definitely get in touch with you. We advise that you follow his instructions sternly so that he can deliver to you, your award prize.

1) Your Winning Certified Bank Draft of £500,000.00 Pounds Worth(3 CRORE 35 LACKS INDIA RUPEES) including with 52 inch Widescreen Plasma TV with Built-In Home Theater System from Samsung Electronics Company UK.

2) Your winning certificate
3) Letter of Affidavit of Claims Eligibility.
4) Letter from ROYAL BANK SCOTLAND of London. 

Name of Diplomat: MARK PHILIP
Departure Date & Time.21:00 GMT from
Heathrow International
Airport (London) 2-15-2017
Arrival Date & Time 09:55 am,2-16-2015.

Re-confirm to us the following
1. Full Name:
2. Full Address:

3. State:

4. Occupation:

5. Age:

6. Sex:

7. Country:
8. Mobile Number:
9: Your Won Amount:
10: Country and Nationality:
11: Your picture it will be passport size:
13. Your passport size Photograph:
Reply to this ID :

On behalf of the Award Board, We congratulate you once more for emerging as one of the lucky winners of this years Award and we hope you use your funds wisely and to the best interest of your family, friends, country and the whole world at large. hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Samsung products around your vicinity. 
Congratulations!! once again.

Dr Williams Ferdinand
Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
Congratulations once more from the SAMSUNG COMPANY International Promotion!!

All winning prize funds are being covered by a policy which can not be tamper with. In view of this all prize fund is assured protected and can not be touched until it gets to it's winner beneficiary. This is our order and protocol to avoid misappropriations of winners funds and unwarranted abuse of this programme. For security measures, you are advised to keep your winning announcement confidential until your claim is processed and your prize remitted to you.  Any  
unclaimed prize will be returned to SAMSUNG HEAD OFFICE United Kingdom.

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