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Sunday, June 25, 2017


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Date: Tue, May 16, 2017 at 9:02 AM
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Dear sir,

Greetings of the day!!! 

Thank you for the bleow mail. So tomorrow you will arrive at Bangalore is it?

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Attention: Vijaya Kumari,

We regret the delay so far. I have confirmed from the bank about all the details and procedure. Actually, Mrs Melissa's health condition is incrementally poor and that is why we are struggling hard to achieve her dream and heart desire to help the orphanages and the poor from your country.

And for the transfer, everything is already done the bank over here, i spoke with the Director with regards to the transfer and they bank have send the tel/fax payment notification to the Reserve Bank of India as i was inform that every incoming and outgoing transaction must pass through the Reserve Bank of India in your country. My colleague we be leaving for your country India Tuesday and Arrive  your country 
Wednesday morning  to supervise  the transfer and help you in getting the I.M.F Certificate from the Indian Government, so all you have to do is to cooperate well with him and follow all his directives.

Once he gets the certificate on your name he will submit it to the Bank for them to credit the funds and it will reflect in your account the same day. My colleague's name is( Mr. Ben John Kennedy ), he will arrive in your country by 
Wednesday and will contact you as soon as he arrives.

Thanks for your understanding and help also. I have all my trust now on you as Mrs. Melissa have said lots of good things about you. Give Mr. Ben John Kennedy all the necessary support and do according to his instructions.

We thank you for opting to our service.

Faithfully yours,
Barrister. Henry Smith Esq.
P:S. Smith's Chambers & Associates.
 (Attorney in Service)

Thanks for sharing.

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