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Friday, August 4, 2017

ATM Center (Reason why Courier charge has to be pay)

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From: nasibu merisho <>
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 12:46 PM
Subject: Fw: ATM Center (Reason why Courier charge has to be pay)
To: "" <>

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To: nasibu merisho <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2015 1:54 AM
Subject: ATM Center (Reason why Courier charge has to be pay)

Absa Bank Towers East 3rd Floor,
170 Main Street Johannesburg.
2001 South Africa.

Beneficiary Name: Nasibu Hussein Merisho

We receive your email and it's content was well understood.

Courier charge cannot be deducted from your ATM MASTER CARD because the money is not cash. It is credited in ATM MASTER CARD and it carries a high security "Irrevocable Guarantee Bond"

Insurance policy and Direct Debit Protection Scheme are placed on the card for security suppose and that makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with it apart from the bearer whose name is inscribed on the card.

A scanned copy of the ATM MASTER CARD has been send to you to make you see that your name is inscribed at the back of the card.

Attach to this mail is the scanned copy of a DISCLAIMER FORM, Fill the Form and send it back to us if you are not interested in claiming your ATM Card of $750,000.00 US Dollars so that we can award it to another person before the end of the promo.

Note: Do get back to us immediately within the next 24hrs so that we can provide you information on how to make the delivery payment as soon as possible before the end of this promo.

David Hodnett

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