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Thursday, October 5, 2017


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From: Miss Thomas Lauren <>
Date: Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 7:20 PM
Subject: Greetings

I know my mail might come to you as suprise but i want to introduce my self before going any further,  I am Miss Thomas Laureen  23 years, an ivorian nationality. I am presently in the capital city of my country, Abidjan Cote d'ivoire. I came across your profile which my heart directed me to contact you with every hope and believe that you will accept me to make a build of trust in what i am about to disclose to you about my desire to relocate and invest in your country under your assistance and guidance with this inherited fund from my late father which i am about to disclose you. My late father is a wealthy international businessman. I am the only daughter of my parents, I never knew my mother since all my life because she died while giving birth to me and had only seen her through pictures shown to me by my late father, My father is all i have until he was poisoned in 2014 according to medical report.


I am making this contact on trust to transfer an inherited fund of (US$5,500,000.00) Five million, five hundred thousand United States dollers which is deposited by my father and made me the next of kin to this huge sum presently in a commercial bank in the capital city where i am residing presently, Every documents of this fund is with me which i will declare to you later in time coming, I am writing this mail with lot of fear as my two uncles are after my life because of this inheritance which they intends to force me to the claim by their greedy desire. 


The death of my father had taught me a lot and now i am completely afraid of the people here in my country due to my wicked Uncle who is after my life. He is not happy whenever he sets his eyes on me, my uncle is against me because of the inheritance i have from my Late father. This wicked Uncle of mine has manipulated into my Late father's physical properties, yet he is not satisfied, he wants to destroy the image of my Late father on this earth in order for him to seat on the wealth. Before the death of my father, he seriously advised me to beware of his wicked brothers. As i am talking to you now i am no longer staying in our family house because of this my wicked uncle, i decided to run away from the family house and hide myself somewhere outside the town in a guesthouse precisely and the wicked uncle thought that i have travelled abroad, He did not know my where about now,  All the family members including the wicked uncle is not aware about this money which is left in fixed suspense account in the bank. 


This was the reason i ran out from the family house in order to have a chance for this transaction and as soon as the bank has transferred the money into your nominated bank account, I will let you know the amount you will send to me. to enable me relocate and meet you over there in your country for my investment. 


I have already asked the bank for the release of the money but due to the agreement which our Late father signed with the bank during the deposit, now the bank wants me to appoint my guardian/beneficiary for the transfer, I am not allowed to claim the money in my father's absence since he only used my name as the next of kin but i can appoint a beneficiary who will claim the money on my behalf. 


Please i have really poured out my whole heart to you and i strongly believe you are God sent to wipe away all my tears. Also, there is no problem since everything about the transfer is genuine, legal and 100% risk free. If it pleases you to help me, I will like you to send me your full informations to enable me go to the bank and introduce you officially to them for the transfer and to enable you contact them for the transfer.


1. Your full name: .......................... 


2. Nationality: ................................


3. Contact address: .......................


4. Identification card: .....................


5. Mobile phone number: ................



My Late Father know the tradition constitution of the land that is why he deposit this Fund in the bank without letting anybody from our town to be aware of this fund is only the bank manager that is away of this fund please i will like you to be on my side for this tranfer. May God bless, protect and keep you safe for me as i await to hear from you.


As soon as I receive the above information I will send a letter to the bank and I will give you the bank contact so that you can contact the bank director for the transfer. Also, If possible I will like you to travel to the bank to witness the claim and transfer yourself because I don't need any delay. Please, kindly start from now to seal this only to yourself to avoid mistake in transferring the money to another destination, so you have to be careful with this. 



Yours Sincerely


Miss Thomas Laureen.