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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Samsung Company Claims Approval Notification

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Samsung Electronics Company <>
Date: Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 4:25 PM
Subject: Samsung Company Claims Approval Notification

Samsung House, 
1000 Hillswood 
Dr, Lyne, Chertsey 
KT16 0RS, UK

Attn: Dineshbhai Ganpatbhai Dabhi,

We congratulate you once more for being a lucky winner on the Samsung Electronics Company held in the United Kingdom 2017. Having considered all possible measures to convey your winning prize, we resolve to use our Special Diplomatic Delivery Service (S.D.D.S) under Diplomatic Umbrella.
We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your doorstep. Your name, phone number and address has been Received and verified.
1. A draft of $750,000 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S Dollars).
2. Certificate of Winning.

3. Diplomatic ID Card.

Diplomat Arrival Time and Date:  3RD October 2017 10:45:00 AM
As soon as your winnings arrive India you will  be contacted by our delivery diplomat (Mr. Marcus White) that will  be bringing your Award Prize to India,
The delivery of your prize is currently on the way as it is passing through the British Security Screening. We realize recently that such procedures have to be adopted on your consignment leaving UK for Asia. Therefore, you will only be required to pay for the Registration of your Award Price and Custom Duty, Local Tax Clearing Charges which is 26,100 INR.
Be reminded that this fee cannot be deducted from your Award Prize because of the insurance cover policy placed on the funds and this make it impossible for any deduction to be made from the winning prize, hence you are obligated to pay the fee as soon as the diplomat call on you to provide the amount for the clearance.
Note: A Copy of Winning Certificate, A Draft of $750,000.00 and our Diplomat ID Card copy is attached to this email to clear your skepticism and to make you know that you are the legitimate winner.

Note that after your Award Prize has been delivered to you successfully, you are also eligible to (United Kingdom Visa) if interested (Specify).

Note: In line with the International Monetary Funds Regulatory Policy (IMF). You are required to send us a copy of your identity proof (Government Issued ID proof) to enable a swift transfer process.
Once again Congratulations on behalf of the management and staff of Samsung Company.

 Yours faithfully,

Dr. Henkel Junior,
Prize Award Coordinator
Tel: +44-151-329-2908

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