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Saturday, November 4, 2017

My dearest brother

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From: Madam Asalah <>
Date: Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 2:01 AM
Subject: My dearest brother

My dearest brother
With Respect and Humanity, I am writing to offer help for orphans and less-privileged. I am Madam. Aleana. Mohammad Rehan. I am from Baltimore Maryland the US; I am married to Engr. Mohammad Rehan who has been a petrol chemical engineering in Ivory Coast Company.
Before he retired and died in 2014 after a Cardiac Arteries Operation, We had been married for 33 years and no child and recently, I was diagnosed with a severe health problem, and my doctor informed that I would not last for next seven months due to cancer.
During my late husband life time, he made a deposit of $7. 9 Million in this country for safe keeping. And this money is still in the finance firm, Because of my condition, I have decided to hand over this money to your care for the establishment of orphanage and charity works, and I would like you to utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein.
I will want you to use this money for the help of the Less-privileged, orphanage homes; this is according to the desire of my late Husband. We both took this decision because we didn't have any child that will inherit or benefit this money, and I don't want this money to be used by my families either because they have not been in a good term with my late husband and me. This is why we took this decision in other to make sure the orphans benefited in our life earned project.
I am not afraid of death because I know that I am in good terms with God hence I know where I am going. I want you to always remember me in your prayers because of my upcoming transfusion surgery. I will want you to assure me that you will act according to my words above.
  I am hoping to receive your urgent reply in other to know how to proceed soon.  My doctor has warned me to avoid using telephone calls because of the present condition of my health. You should reach me through my private email always (
Allah Hafiz
Yours Sincerely
Madam.Aleena. Mohammad Rehan

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