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Sunday, February 18, 2018

You Have Been Compensated With 200,000 Contact Mr frank Hilton For Your Money

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From: United Nation <>
Date: Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 2:46 PM
Subject: You Have Been Compensated With 200,000 Contact Mr frank Hilton For Your Money
To: <>

NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/JUNK folder,

Anyway my name is Mr. Godwin Ebele i have tried to reaching you on mail all this while, but you fail to respond back to me, please be aware that your matter came to my desk which were dated this January , about your compensation with the total amount of $200,000 United State Dollars,

We are aware that a lot of foreigners out there have been deceived and lost their hard earn money,

This we assume will help you to start a new life. Please, you have to accept the money like that because the people (victims) in our pay list are too much. We are paying back from the money we recovered from these fraudsters. frankly speaking you are very lucky because your money will transfer to your account immediately after responding to my mail, i understand you have try several times trying to claim your fund, it was stop because it was under investigation of money laundry by the Ministry of Information and National Orientation that was the reason your name were among those who were blacklisted but now we have settle your problem and removed your name from the blacklist, so your funds is free for transfer over to you now.

You are advise to reconfirm your full details and phone number to Mr. Frank Hilton contact him for your payment.

1. Name in full.
2. Address.
3. Age.
4. Occupation.
5. Phone/Fax. 6. Present Country.
Tell + 1 (951)402-3962
San Gabriel California USA Mr. Frank Hillton. Managing Director Of ( Foreign Department )
Yours Sincerely, Mr. Godwin Ebele .
Managing Director Of UBA Lagos Nigeria .

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