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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Attention to this report please!

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: <>
Date: Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 11:02 AM
Subject: Attention to this report please!

                I hereby to introduce myself firstly, I am Dr.  Mrs. Asseta Kofi, the new director of Debt Management Office (DMO) Operational Unit. WORLD BANK DEBT RECONCILIATION COMMISSION.During the General Auditing session end of last year 2017, we discovered the Sum of USD$10.5M Cash (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand) accounting  on your behalf as the beneficiary of the above stated funds.
Regarding this development, We are contacting you in regard to U.N Convention to inform you that  in the last Chapter of  U.N GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING  OF SEPT  2017 according  to the  U.N CHARTER, Its office  with World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) has instructed and Mandated all the  banks to Pay  all the Out-standing  Debt  worldwide before the end of the  first quarter of the year 2018.

 Therefore  you are contacted for your over due Payment Funds USD $10.5M Dollars of which have been signed officially  for urgent transfer into your bank account by the  WORLD BANK, as you will  be receiving your  total funds immediately without  further delay.

 But we  want to inform you that in the course of  this transfer schedule, there is a different beneficiary account information submitted to our Bank Payment office this week for receiving the said amount  on your behalf, by name Mr. George  Albert who described himself as your Partner and representative in United State that you have instructed him to go ahead and receive the Funds on your behalf. But we do not recognize him because it's your payment file we have in our office desk.
So to avoid mistake we withheld the payment till date until  we hear you response in regarding the development  that is why we decided to contact you in order  to confirm to us personally before we can take any step.

Please, you are required to verify the following information of him and let us know immediately.
(A) Did you AUTHORISE Mr. George Albert of Illinois whose Passport Photograph is hereby attached below to claim and receive the payment on your behalf?
(B) Did you sign any "Deed of Assignment" in his favor? Thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details: 
(1) Account Beneficiary Name: George Albert
with Passport No: 0376854
(2) Account Number: 271187642
(3) Routing Number: 0000129973
(4) Bank: Members Choice Credit Union Bank

 You are required as a matter of urgent to confirm the legitimacy of the above claimer and kindly give us reason why you decided to affect the above change of receiving Account Name. If you are not aware of this claim, please re-confirm to us immediately by  email the bellow   information and submitted to this Paying  UBA BANK as soon as possible as the only legitimate beneficiary of the Funds.
(1)Full Name:
(2)Full Address:
(3)Direct Tel: Contact:
(4)Bank Name:
(5)Bank Address:
(6)Account Number:
(8)Routing Number/IBAN Code:

 Note that due to the long delay this payment has suffered before now, We will assure you that immediately these payment irregularities are cleared, you will receive your fund to your bank account without further delay.

But  we are bound to recognize Mr. George Albert s claim, if you fail to promptly response/communicate to this inquiry following the Deed of Assignment he submitted to claim this Funds Payment on your behalf. Make sure that you get back to me as soon as possible so that the necessary action will be taken  with expedite action!

 Kindly contact this office immediately with your above mentioned required details for crediting of your total funds!
                                              Kind regards
                                   Hon. Dr. Mrs. Asseta Kofi
                             Director Debt Management Office (DMO)
Note:This official message is from U.N/World Bank and Financial Institutions Supervisions Federal Reserve Bank of America

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