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Monday, March 19, 2018

Major Subject of Contention:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Samad Abdul <>
Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Major Subject of Contention:

Dear Friend.

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy day to read and
consider my proposal. My message may come to you as a surprise, however it
is my honest desire to share a mutual business relationship with you for
which I am contacting you today. My name is Mr. Samad Abdul, 44 years of
age. I am security officer at the 'SEMAFO Burkina Faso' (Gold Mining and
Security Company) located in Ouagadougou.

  I presume it is apparently by virtue of its nature I had turned up your
profile from Burkina Chambers of Commerce, I promptly decided to contact you
believing that by the grace of God/Allah you are the right partner for
executing this business opportunity I am about to disclosed to you through
this email.

I joined the named establishment since 1991 and I have been working with the
Company for many years. Within this period I watched with calculated
precision how African leaders under government functionaries has been using
Security Company's to move huge amount of fund "USD, Pound Sterling, French
France", to their partners in foreign Countries. They will normally bring in
Consignments of cash currency, gold, diamond, precious stones; they will
secretly declare the contents as family treasures or' just private documents

Amongst the list of important personnel we received in in past years, there
are individual such as late General SANI ABACHA of Nigeria; Mobutu SESE SEKO
of Zaire, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya; (all dead of course). We have numbers of
individual still alive who owns several Consignments of cash deposit with
numbers of Security Company's including the one where I am working; I should
not mention those names for personal security reasons.

Major Subject of Contention:
I want to disclose to you that relatives and beneficiaries of dead persons
who own consignments and packages in custody of SEMAFO Security Company are
not aware of such deposit. We have numbers of Consignment that are unclaimed
for as much as a period of 6 to 10 years, and nobody will ever come for the
claims. In most cases the documents of such deposits are never available to
relations of the deceased depositor except the original depositor and the

The interesting thing now is that there is a special deposits Consignment
were the depositors is dead. On records, only a few packages belonging to
dead people has been claimed in the past 3 years, more than as ever before.
There is one Consignment box which belongs to the late Muammar GADDAFI
deposited with number codes and the Consignment is unclaimed since after his
death. I am certain the family members are not aware of this deposit; also
he did not declare a next of kin on papers/record. The late Libyan leader
made this deposit in our Secret Security vaults under Reference Code Number:
Z-3201-MMMGGF/SFT/BF/2009 long before his assassination in 2011.

The Consignment lodgments is registered in codes; the amount contain inside
this consignment is US$35 Million Thirty Five Million United States Dollars.
This deposit was made by Mr. Gaddafi himself when he visited Burkina Faso in
year 2009 and I can make all necessary arrangement for you to come down here
to Burkina Faso for claiming of Consignment with Reference N°:
Z-3201-MMMGGF/SFT/BF/2009. I am giving you the above information in
confidence as I trust you are a man of integrity and high esteem;

  I have fully and carefully mapped-out a perfect strategic plan to expedite
the claim and shipping of the Consignment from here to your Country; the
claim can be successfully realized legitimately without a problem. Therefore
if you can come to Burkina Faso to carry out the operation to withdraw said
Consignment, please inform me so that I would proceed to make arrangement
for your visit; we will arrange to ship Consignment to your Country through
any international Courier delivery service and will be delivered to you safe
and secured.

I will supply you all necessary information to claim the Consignment from
the SEMAFO Security Company, the authority will only demand from you the
deposit documents which I will provide you when I am sure you want to do
this deal with me. Once codes are confirm as correct by responsible
authority you will be invited for collection of the Consignment or to
deliver the Consignment to you by Freight Courier Service to your address.

Nobody should know I gave you information to claim the Consignment; upon
successful conclusion of this deal, once consignment is in your custody I
will meet you in your Country for sharing the fund which should be 50% for
you and 50% for me, while every expenses incur in the operation will be burn
by both parties. I want to assure you the transaction is 100% risk free,
take note that Mr. Muammar GADDAFI is been long dead and nobody will ever
come to claim the Consignments. I will give you further directive if you are
interested in this deal and willing to help,

Kindly send me your reply if you are interested and tell me how soon you can
arrange to come to my Country Burkina Faso. If you have any question I will
be oblige to provide you the answers and assistance in realizing this deal.
I look forward to a healthy business relationship with you. Kindly contact
me for further directives through the email.
Thank you for anticipated assistance.
Mr. Samad Abdul.

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