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Friday, May 4, 2018

Visit Our Web Site

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Date: Fri, May 4, 2018 at 3:08 AM
Subject: Visit Our Web Site

Visit Our Web Site

01-06-21-31-41-44 Bonus 42

We do wish to inform you that the raffle draw number for last Month Date: April 2018 is out:raffle draw number: 01-06-21-31-41-44 Bonus 42

The memo have come to us that your email account has won you 9,679,786.36USD with the Draw Number 41-44 that was confirmed on our Data Base System (DBS) which brought out your email address from our DBS of the Internet email user's that qualify you as a lucky winner for the BBC NATIONAL LOTTERY 2018. congratulations!

For proper verification and how to claim your winning FUND, do send along the details below for confirmation.

1. Full Name's:
2. Sex:
3. Country:
4. State/City:
5. Contact Address:
6. Mobile/Tel Number:
7. Marital Status:
8. Occupation:
9. Date of Birth:
12. Have You Won Before: Yes Or No:

Your's Faithful

Series Producer......Frank Hewitt
Presenter......Nat Sloane
Producer.......Sir Adrian Webb
Director.........Peter Ainsworth
Executive Producer........Link Rodolfo
The Promotion Manager......... James W Niggles.

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