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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sagar Shetty

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From: Sagar Shetty <>
Date: Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 8:06 PM
To: <>

ScbsHalo sir my name is sagar.s.shetty i live in pune city Maharashtra state my birth place is also pune sir I have to say that 20days later one lady message me on my mobile that she have 2million USD &etc and she is transferring the said funds in my account. After that several times she mail me that she is admitted in the hospital for cancer purpose she told me that she's husband died and she have no child so that told me contact her attorney barrister Leonard after that i mail barrister & he ask me my bank details and my address proof I mail him my address & bank details.the lady message me her name esthrial Gabriel .she wants me to trustee of 2 USD in India as for charity purposes. This all is true or lies or fraud I don't know.after two three days barrister Leonard said me to mail standard chartered banks MD for 2usd transfer purpose.after that mailed me that u should contact sir barrister Leonard for transfer of 2usd funds from the account of esthrial Gabriels to my present account .I don't sir this all is happening it's game or wt .after that scb@yandex mailed me international transfer managing director name jasper isaq mailed me that esthrial Gabriel told him about myself. So I'm the trustee of her 2usd funds .after that MD jasper isaq told me to contact barrister Leonard for banks money transfer certificate & money owner certificate.after that barrister asked me my I'd and I sent him my pancard photo as my I'd proof with the help of MD jasper isaq told me to inform barrister Leonard to collect bank documents as beneficiary certificate & funds transfer certificate in the name of mine & handover all the documents to the scbank London.after eight hours he mailed me about documents Handover to scbank name standard chartered bank address 1basinghall avenue,london,ec2v 5dd london.and the barrister Leonard mailed me some photos of beneficiary certificate & ownership certificate to my the mail funds transfer & approved with the signature of bank md.and the owner ship certificate in the name of esthrial Gabriel.the approved certificates photos have been deleted from me wich were mailed to me sir plz help me my id proof i mean my pancard photos were sent to that fraud people & sir im in tensed. i really dont know hu they r but i think they were doing fraud with the aproved certificate my name was mentiond in the certificate as beneficiary & trustee.sir if there is any problem plz mail me cause my pancard photos were sent to them plz cooperate me my no.7020126357 my name sagar.s.shetty pune city .

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