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Sunday, September 30, 2018


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From: Ms. Angela Griffith <>
Date: Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 8:40 PM
To: . <.>


Good day, this is Angela a USA Citizen, it is a sad news to write you about my late father's mysteriously death in Burkina Faso during his business trip, at first. My father of blessed memory by name late Griffith Walsh. Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by Linked Terrorist Attacks in Burkina Faso on (16 June 2018) during his business trip of gold in Burkina Faso and are left with his fund. He opened an offshore account there, which he's using for his business whenever he went for his gold business.

He used my name as his next of kin and the inheritor to the money before his death, and he left a WILL with the bank that restrained me from accessing the money here unless I got married or found someone from overseas who will help me invest the money wisely. As a university undergraduate and really don t know what to do.

I located the bank, and have also discussed the possible transfer of the fund. I forced myself to contact the bank, but the bank response was that I should look for someone to help me secure the money as instructed by my late father. I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of my late father's tragic accident. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.

Please the most reason that I contacted you is because of this money. I need your help. He deposited the sum of ($8,500,000.00) in his offshore bank account there before his tragic accident.

I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. Can you honestly help me as you would do to your own child?. While I continue with my education I will like to invest my money into lucrative business but I need you to put me through.

Please I am now seeking for your assistance to help me transfer this money out of the country to your account abroad so that we can invest it in any meaningful and lucrative business of your choice because this is my only hope in life. I am willing to offer you 20% of the total fund if only you can help me out of my present predicament.


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