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Saturday, September 8, 2018


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From: Mahmood khan <>
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 9:20 AM
To: <>

On Mon, 3 Sep 2018, 4:05 pm APPLE COMPANY UK, <> wrote:

        No. 1-7 The Piazza London, WC2E 8HA 020 7447 1400,
                      England, United Kingdom                  
Payment Number: NK249NAA
              Verification Number: NM-00222-674PF  
Country: India 


 Attn; Mahmood  Khan
     Welcome to the APPLE ELECTRONICS UK PROMOTION. We have received your email regarding your claims requirement, and it has been acknowledged by us. This continental draw was drawn from four continents, AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA and AFRICA. And you are one of the lucky winners on the  APPLE ELECTRONICS UK AWARDS from India.
As the claims officer of the APPLE  Company International Awareness Promotion, I personally congratulate you as the winner from Asia, In line with the commemoration events marking our annual anniversary of the  APPLE  ELECTRONICS COMPANY PROMOTIONS, we rolled out over 500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand UK pounds) for our annual anniversary Draws. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 company mobile numbers, and 300,000,000 individual mobile numbers from the 45 mobile networks as part of International Promotions Program, which is conducted annually in United Kingdom (UK).
This email is to inform you that your Demand Draft and also One APPLE TV 52 inches SMART LED TV, 1 APPLE Laptop, One APPLE PHONE  for personnel use together with all documents that will facilitate the delivery and transfer of your prize has been approved and parceled for delivery to you in your country India. Please bear with us our affiliated flight, Delta Airline has no available flight from LONDON (UK) to all cities In India, so once the flight that is bringing our delivery officer arrive at the International Airport in India, From there our delivery officer will take a domestic flight to your city so that both of you can go to your bank for the conversion and transfer formalities.
You will be require to pay Fourteen Thousand,Seven Hundred Rupees (14,700 INR) for the government clearance duty and registration charges of your parcel on arrival at the airport, because your parcel is an International parcel coming from United Kingdom (UK). Your parcel must be register in your country upon the arrival of our diplomat and you are to follow the instructions of our delivery officer to enable him deliver your parcel to you and also to make sure your demand draft is transfer into your nominated bank account when he meets with you in your city.
As soon as our delivery officer arrives in India, He will contact with you on how to meet and deliver to you, we advise you make him your best friend and follow his instructions accordingly so that your parcel can be delivered.

Your Batch Number is (APPLE2018WP).
1) Your Demand Draft of 500,000.00 UK POUNDS, which is equivalent to 1 Crore Indian Rupees
2) Your Winning Certificate.
3) Letter of Affidavit of Claims Eligibility.
4) One APPLE TV 52 inches SMART LED TV, 1 APPLE Laptop, One APPLE  smart phone
DEPARTURE: DATE/TIME:   3rd  SEPT  2018- 10.45PM (UK TIME)
ARRIVAL: DATE/TIME:  4th  SEPT  2018. - 10.30 AM (INDIA TIME)

Note: You have to confirm your readiness to make the payment of the approval certificate by filling this form below and kindly send to us and also the delivery agent id
Receiver's Name:
Receiver's Address:
Telephone Number:
Occupation :
A scan copy of your photo:

Amount to pay:

Please ensure that you co-operate with him and follow his instructions and directives to avoid any delay in handing over your winning cheque to you. The Diplomat (Mr. Felix Godson) will also assist you to any of your local Bank and help you cash your winning cheque upon delivering of your winning cheque he will take a photograph with you and your family before leaving.

NOTE THAT THE CUSTOM DEPARTMENT IN CONJUNCTION WITH UNITED KINGDOM HIGH COMMISSION CANNOT RELEASE THE WINNING PARCEL TO THE DIPLOMAT WITHOUT THE PAYMENT OF 14,700 INDIAN RUPEES SINCE IT IS THE INDIA GOVERNMENTAL RULES AND REGULATION AND MUST BE RESPECTED AND COMPLETED. Kindly let us know your readiness to pay the Approval charges of your consignment which is 14,700 INR upon the arrival of the diplomat to enable the CUSTOMS AUTHORITY to release your consignment for the final delivery to your door step as per your provided home Address. Acknowledge the receipt of this important email prior to the departure of the delegated Diplomatic.
Congratulations once again. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any difficulties in understanding the process as we will always be here to help you. Kindly make sure you keep your winning information confidential to avoid double claims. You are required to make sure all information regarding your winning prize is kept away from the general public, until after you receive your winning prize.

All winning prize funds are being covered by a policy which can not be tamper with. In view of this all prize fund is assured protected and can not be touched until it gets to it's winner beneficiary. This is our order and protocol to avoid misappropriations of winners funds and unwarranted abuse of this programmed. For security measures, you are advised to keep your winning announcement confidential until your claim is processed and your prize remitted to you. Any unclaimed prize will be returned to  APPLE ELECTRONICS HEAD OFFICE UNITED KINGDOM
Note: Any unclaimed prize will be returned to the treasury of APPLE COMPANY.You are advised to keep your winning details strictly to yourself and do not share it with any individual or firm, to avoid confiscation of your winning price.
Best Regards,
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Andrew Griffiths
United Kingdom 
APPLE COMPANY UK             
Copyright© 2018 APPLE All Rights Reserved.

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