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Saturday, October 6, 2018


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Greetings ,

I appreciate your interest on this, I'm the investment broker to Mr. Von
Johannes 79yrs a successful politician, He's married to Liu Chuo
Johannes.She is a Chinese, They been married for 48yrs with a daughter whom
they lost last year February 14 being Valentines Day in a car accident with
her boyfriend.

The wife is been sick and Mr. Von is not getting younger as an old man. it
takes much to look after all his investments and his home. Mr. Von is
seeking for a business investment which would be of an opportunity to you
and your family because he can't take care of all his businesses all over,
for that reason the wife ask him to build a business relationship with
someone that he can be trusted. someone who understood the condition of what
we are passing through being childless. I have been Mr. Von Johannes
personal investment broker for 15yrs now, So he told me he is willing to
invest $1 Million to $50 Million US dollar with any trusted partner for a
long term investment. I still believe there are still good people on earth.

I appreciate if you give this opportunity a good thought for there is no
harm in trying. It's all about creating better opportunities and making good
money for business growth and development. If you are fully interested send
summary of your business plan for evaluation and also your direct mobile
telephone numbers for an initial confidential communication..

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Best Regards
Dr. Meier Heidi ,
Investment Broker
Taikang Finance and Loan Limited
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