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Sunday, March 17, 2019

ATM Maestro Promo

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From: Toini Mulipo <>
Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 5:39 AM
Subject: Fwd: ATM Maestro Promo
To: <>

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From: ATM Maestro/iPhone Office London <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 06:20
Subject: Re: ATM Maestro Promo
To: Toini Mulipo <>

Absa Bank Towers East 3rd Floor,
170 Main Street Johannesburg.
2001 South Africa.
Winning No: 2019/01/3ZA
Batch No: 014/2019

Attention Beneficiary, 

This is to acknowledge the receipt of the order from the senate house, in respect with the provision act of decree 114 of the 1999 constitution; I am Davis Usman, i am writing to inform you that Queen Elisabeth Foundation (UK), The Russian Foundation for basic research (, European Union, African Union, Vittorio Foundation (ITALY) and the BANKS INVOLVED has been having a meeting for the past five(5) months on how to compensate all foreign users of ATM MASTER CARD as an END OF YEAR Give-away

Queen Elisabeth Foundation (UK), Russian Foundation for basic research, European Union, Africa Union, Vittorio Foundation and the BANKS INVOLVED, has agreed to compensate you with the sum of Eight Hundred And Twenty Thousand Great British Pounds (£820,000.00 GBP) in an ATM MASTER CARD. It is my pleasure to inform you that the  ATM Card Number: 5359 1564 5648 9101 have been approved in your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 5471. The ATM Card Value is Eight Hundred And Twenty Thousand Great British Pounds {£820,000.00 GBP} Only. You are advised that a maximum withdrawal value of £5,000.00 GBP is permitted on withdrawal per day and it is duly a Master Card and so you can make withdrawal at any location and ATM Machine of your choice worldwide.

No tickets were sold out to enter this promo. Your Mobile Number is one of the lucky numbers selected RANDOMLY via Cyber-online E-wheel Computer Ballot System drawn from over 10,000 Telecommunication Companies and 300,000 individual mobile phone users from all over the world, during the ATM Online Cell phone selection Draw attached to your Lucky mobile number with Code: (F9800/587/20ABZK), as one of the 20 lucky winners in the ongoing ATM promotion. 

This is to encourage those that uses ATM MASTER-CARD and to also encourage those that don't have to get one from there bank for easy transaction. So much money is generated all over the World for using ATM, without people's patronage, this would not have been possible. To encourage the use of ATM machines globally, The ATM INC. Setup the NEW HOPE LOTTERY to give out prize via random email ballot selection. 

1. Your Full Name:
2. Delivery Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Occupation:
6. Mobile / Cell Number:
7. Country of Residence:
8. Nationality:
9. Send a Scanned copy of your International Passport or Work/School ID or Driver's License via email attachment:

As soon as we have the above information's, we will let you know the next step to take to have your ATM Master-Card deliver to you, do get back to this office with the filled Form and scanned copy of your Passport or any form of Identification.

NOTE: To help us proceed with your claims and not been disqualify, you must keep away this information from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program and unauthorized individuals.

Mr. Davis Usman ESQ.
Tel: +27-83-674-0175
Fax No: +27-603-979-170
Program Director.
Copyright © 1995 -2019 Absa Bank. All rights reserved.

From: Toini Mulipo <>
Sent: 24 January 2019 16:18
Subject: Re: ATM Maestro Promo
I need some feedback from you please

On Wed, 23 Jan 2019 21:34 Toini Mulipo, <> wrote:
Good day, 

I received a message that I won on ATM Maestro Promo. Here are the details they asked me: Name: Toini Amiila, Mobile: 0818509773

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